Modification of the Hummer H1 is made anti-mainstream, but has great power and even surpasses the supercar class of the Lamborghini Aventador, although it still loses when viewed from the speed of acceleration.

What do you imagine in a Hummer H1? Certainly, a tough car belonging to military forces with high ground clearance for the need to bulldoze the heavy terrain. However, the work of Mil-Spec Automotive is actually different. The modification is extreme because it removes one of its identities (ground clearance).

The modification he named the Titan Track actually appeared flat after ground clearance trimming as much as 7 inches. In order to get on the road, they reworked the axle area, including strengthening the chassis, setting the suspension, swing arm to geometry.


Moreover, the Hummer H1’s capital is no longer the same as the standard version. Although still relying on the 6.6 liter Duramax turbo-diesel V8 engine, this car is capable of spraying up to 800 hp. Bigger than the original Hummer H1 power of 295 hp. While supercars like the Lamborghini Aventador only have a power range of 740 hp.

Even so, the Hummer H1 can’t beat the acceleration where the range of 0-100 km / h Aventador can be reached in 2.7 seconds. While the Hummer H1 is recorded 5 seconds. That ability is certainly combined with the use of the Allison 1000 gearbox.

However, Mil-Spec does not want to lose competitiveness with the supercars. Hence, the appearance of the car was made eccentric with camo screen and door and soft top. Furthermore, the wheel parts are designed trendy with the application of unique wheels and Pirelli PZero tires on all four wheels.


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