Those with an affinity for ‘future works of art’s should need to see this. In the meantime, all you Honda haters? Turn away now, for a mint condition USDM Integra Type R has gotten almost $100k.

The Integra, identifiable as an American by its group of four of headlights, Acura badging and left-hand-drive status, amazed numerous when it wound up offering for $US63,800, including barkers charges. Barrett Jackson, which sold the auto, typically spends significant time in exemplary American muscle. They later asserted the deal was a world record.

Honda planned the Inte’ Type R to be the ‘achievable’ execution auto, after the NSX and before the Civic got the treatment. That implied energetic suspension, cozy dashing seats, a smooth manual gearbox, and the great B18C motor.

In the JDM Type R this motor created 150kW, while in the US demonstrates it made somewhat less kilowatts (145kW) and 176Nm of torque. JDM autos and those sold in other universal markets accompanied a 11:1 pressure proportion though the US Integra Type R had a pressure proportion of 10.6:1.

VTEC was also included, helping achieve a screaming redline of 8500rpm and, despite being a front-driver, the Integra Type R was regarded as one of the best handling cars of its time. A seam-welded, FIA-homologated chassis probably contributed.

Despite the big sale price of this example, don’t expect prices on Trademe to leap overnight. This one has just 1191 miles on the clock, while the lowest DC2 for sale here is nudging 90,000km. Might pay to keep an eye on things, though…


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